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Epic Road Trip – Post #2

December 17th, 2016 2 comments

In our second post of this Epic Road Trip, we are thankful for so many things.

After our visiting of friends, family, and support in Wisconsin we journeyed south, crossing a few state lines along the way.  On December 1st we travelled through Illinois and into Missouri, where we visited friends from our home church, Evangelical Bible Church of Dickinson, ND.  The Toews family and their friendship has been missed, and it was so good to Read more…

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Epic Road Trip #1 – It Starts

November 29th, 2016 4 comments

The night of November 26th was another last for us; it was the last night in our home in Dickinson.  On the 27th we decorated our Christmas Suburban with lights in lieu of a tree, and moved what was left of our belongings into our garage.  We attended one of our last Sunday services at Evangelical Bible Church in Dickinson, and eventually set the cruise control of a loaded down vehicle headed east for greatly anticipated adventure and goodbyes.

Minnesota Border at Veterans Memorial Bridge

Minnesota Border at Veterans Memorial Bridge

By Sunday night we had crossed our first state border and pulled into Hawley, MN to see some dear friends.  We were encouraged to hear of the ways that God has been working in their lives through foster care, and even more specifically how God is alive and active in the lives of the parents of those children who end up in care.  It is always so great to to spend time in fellowship with brother and sisters who can share stories of God’s work through the lives of ordinary people.


Wiggins Family in Hawley, MN


Kanyikes at Camp Forest Springs

After 323 miles travelled on Day 1, we tacked on another 427 on Day 2 to arrive at Camp Forest Springs in Wisconsin.  This camp features a training program designed to educate future camp ministry personnel.  It was at this camp that Musana Camps in Uganda was first conceived by the mind of Musana Camps Director Syd Sparks.  Today, our friends from Uganda are attending training in order to add to the amazing skill set of the staff at Musana Camps.  We visited Medi, Eva, Jesse, and Eden for the afternoon and were able to gain some perspective from our Ugandan peers.  This was another great evening of fellowship and sharing, and we are so thankful for this family.


Staci’s cousin, Cherie at her beautiful home in Stevens Point, WI

On Day 3 of our epic adventure we stayed in Wisconsin, traveling another 180 miles to see family.  We visited Staci’s cousin, Cherie in Stevens Point, and then continued on to stay with Staci’s Aunt Kay and Uncle Orren at Whispering Pines Retreat in Shawano, WI.  We have been amazed at God’s creation in Wisconsin; it is a beautiful state.

Fortunately for us, looking in the rear view we have seen Dickinson get overwhelmed with at least 10″ of snow in the last 24 hours, with drifts that are as big as our Christmas Suburban.  This Epic Adventure is so packed full of stops that we really could not afford to have any hiccups in the schedule or travel plans.  Please pray for the folks at home as they endure the weather.  I’m especially mindful of the many employees affected by this storm and what it means for the family business as they scramble to maintain operations and keep equipment running.

As we travel, please pray for journey mercies for our family.  Please pray that God gets all the glory for the amazing way that He has orchestrated so many of the details along the way.  Please pray for Isaac to be well rested and to endure the difficulty of being strapped in a car seat for long days at just three years old.  We continue to pray for unity as a family, grounded firmly in prayer during what can be long and frustrating days.  We also continue to pray for God to sell our home to a family who will be blessed by it.  I don’t think we’ll get many showings while the 5′ drifts block the drive, but hopefully soon order will be restored in Dickinson.

Also, please write to us at  We’d love to know how we can pray for you.  Staci and I each have our prayer lists, and they are growing.  While Staci has been very diligent in prayer, it is an area that I am in need of improvement.  We believe that this life transition will be dependent on prayer.  By sharing your prayer requests with us, we will be able to mourn with those who mourn and give glory to God for those that are blessed by answered prayer.  Will you allow us to share in the blessing by praying for you?

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